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De'longhi Magnifica coffee machine

DDe'longhi Magnifica coffee machinee’longhi Magnifica coffee machine review. Hope it helps you out with making your decision weather to buy or not. You love your coffee, you can now have shop made coffee at it’s best right within your home.

Your favourite coffee made with the De’longhi Magnifica coffee machine. Nothing more refreshing than freshly made bean coffee, the aroma that fills the kitchen, wonderful…

You like a strong espresso or sometimes a tall glassed frothy cappuccino, This is one machine that really dose the job well.

The De’longhi Magnifica coffee machine has been
on the best sellers list for about two years now..

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Features For The De’longhi Magnifica Machine

Stylish bean-to-cup espresso/cappuccino machine with professional 15-bar pump pressure
Suitable for fresh coffee beans, ground coffee
Traditional stainless steel milk frothing arm and built-in burr grinder
Advanced dual boiler system, removable brewing unit and drip tray, active cup warmer and adjustable height dispenser
Bean-to-cup quality with simple 1-touch operation
2 year guarantee


This coffee machine is for the ground bean lovers, A high 15 bar pressure pump for a professional coffee machine. Comes in stainless steal along with grinder built in. Also has the milk frother added, always a nice benefit.

Duel boiler advanced system, an additional brewing unit that is also removable. A drip tray and an active warmer to keep your coffee cups nice and warm, along with having an adjustable dispenser height.

One touch operation for a quality bean to cup coffee maker, which also come in with a 2 year guarantee. Nice touch!..


In this De’longhi Magnifica coffee machine review, will show if it’s worth your money.

So, Let’s start out with giving you the price of the De’longhi Magnifica coffee machine review, Right now at the time of writing this review.


Retailed price – £449.99

Deal price – £198.99

Saving price – £251.00 (56%)….

As you can see a great deal on the savings right now for a really nice coffee maker.

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De’longhi Magnifica coffee machine review – More Full Features!


Fresh coffee bean grinder.

The stronger taste and aroma of fresh coffee beans in your own home, is integrated from the built-in burr grinder. You get to enjoy the fresh bean coffee in your own home, without having to go to your local coffee house for it.

Personalised Coffee from the easy to use control panel.

Like it strong or really frothy, simply adapt the strength with your own setting and preference, with the simple and easy one touch control panel.

Double cup delivery.

Two for the price of one touch of a button, This coffee machine can make you two cups at the same time. For the tea drinkers this one will give you the hot water for the tea infusions.

Milk frothers are a must nowadays.

Silky smooth foam is a must for the Cappuccino, Caffe latte, or Latte Macchiato drinkers. This one has a great traditional milk frother.


Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine

Coffee’s that can be made from the De’longhi Magnifica coffee machine

Listed below are all the coffee’s made from the De’longhi Magnifica coffee machine. Could you really want anything else from a coffee machine.

Single/double Espresso

Single/double Long coffee



Espresso Macchiato

Flat white



Latte Macchiato

How it works your coffee, pre-ground or beans.

You can start out from scratch with the real coffee beans for the ultimate and best results. If you need your coffee much faster and speed is needed, then you also have the choice to use pre-ground coffee to.

One touch button Programmes.

Great one touch button functions from the De’longhi Magnifica bean to cup coffee machine that make it hard to beat. With consistent performance over and over again to make your coffee. You can read through the information within the detailed guide manual about how to set up your pre-sets.

Frothing Arm for your foaming needs.

Every Cappuccino, or Latte needs that little extra silky smooth foam. The De’longhi Magnifica comes complete with a milk frothing arm, that heats the milk while creating that light extra foam to top your coffee’s off.

Professional 15-bar pump pressure

Coffee perfection only happens when you have the right pressure, with 15 bar pump it won’t let you down. Cafe’s or coffee bars that use the commercial coffee machines, all use around 15 to 19 bar pumps. Even tho the De’longhi Magnifica machine is not a commercial coffee maker, it is however a great coffee machine for the price tag.

Benefit is the 2 Year Guarantee

De’longhi Magnifica coffee machine comes complete with a 2 year guarantee, so you have nothing to worry about for any breakdowns. Covered you are!

After two years you are more than likely be looking for a new coffee machine anyhow. But by then you’ll be a coffee pro and be looking for the best commercial machine!

The De’longhi Magnifica coffee machine – Customers opinions.

A lot of customers have sent in reviews on Amazon for the, De’longhi Magnifica bean to cup coffee machine, we take into account these reviews to give a balance opinion.

Opinion come in as, best machine ever used, easy to clean, great milk frothing, Can make coffee like the shops do, not much space to move the milk frother around but make a nice coffee, water could be a little hotter, got another one for my mum, coffee beans last longer, sounds like a few people like this machine, along with a few that recommend it too.

Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine –
Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the delivery?

Usually shipped out within 3 to 4 days, and delivery is most of the time within a week to 10 days.

Is the Reliability good?

Reliability for most people has been excellent, and many have had for a few years while still going strong and working well. Four years is the longest I reported so far on this coffee maker.

Why buy it online?

Why would you buy online rather than going to the shop, Convenience to get it delivered to your door. Saves a lot of money to buy online as the shops will most of the time charge you more to cover their cost. If you look around stores like curry’s, Argos, John lewis the price is a lot higher, as buying from Amazon 9 out of ten times they always are never beaten on the price.

How long is the guarantee?

This one has a guarantee of 2 years so no breakdown worries. Giving you great piece of mind when buying this one.

The Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine – PRO’S and Con’s so far!!

As we go through our review we’re here to show you the good the bad and the ugly. Not that there are many bad or ugly part to this machine. However we have found a couple.

Con’s first.

The cup warmer is a little slow on the uptake and take a while to get there. You should may be use a little hot water in your cup first just to warm it through a little first.

Some say the machine is a little chunky and quite noisy.

The water reservoir is said to be a little small, and it take a fair bit of water to self clean.

One review we found said, coffee beans sensor was faulty and broke within a few months.

Another said, the grinder was broke, so had to send it back in for a replacement. Was very happy with the new one.

The milk jug has little space and can be hard to move around.

The calibrating of the grinder takes a little time.

Pro’s Second.

Come with the 2 year guarantee.

It’ a brilliant machine for the low price tag. Best to use the best quality beans as this make a huge difference to the coffee you make.

Easy to set up and easy to use, but must read the instructions first to make sure you do it right. Once done makes a wonderful coffee.

One touch button programming.

Beans or pre-ground coffee can be used.

Milk frothing arm for the extra silky smooth foaming.

Cleaning of the Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine

The Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine uses a blast of stem to self clean, Giving you the freedom of a lot less manual cleaning. Great!

The biggest off put to most people is manual cleaning of the bean to cup machines. De’Longhi have done an outstanding job with this one, to keep the machine to the lowest amount of cleaning. Nice job!

Warning and an alert red flashing light shows when the machine is in needing of a de-scaling. A 15 minute cleaning cycle solves this. Through the water tank and frothing arm a de-scaler liquid is sent in to flush the system.

Cup size for the Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine

Think espresso cup size and your sorted all the way up to around 10cm cup/mugs. If your one of the soup bowl coffee cup drinkers then you got no chance of get that cup onto this machine.

Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine review and final conclusions.

The Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine is a great bean to cup coffee machine for a low priced coffee maker. When you compare the higher end bean to cup machines this is a great bargain, with some great reviews from past and present customers. Some of the higher end machine don’t even come close to this one, and have a lot less customer reviews for them.

For the coffee along with the Cappuccino and Espresso lovers reading this review. This one is highly recommended and is given our full support.


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