Is drinking coffee good for your health

Drinking coffee

drinking coffee

Drinking coffee is good for your health, well studies have shown it can be good for ones health. These studies have also shown that it helps with protecting against Parkinson’s disease, along with type 2 diabetes and liver disease.

There is also links to say it helps protect against liver cancer too. Depression and drinking coffee also have links to say it helps people that are suffering with depression. They say it appears to improve cognitive functions as well.

what is cognitive function?

Wikipedia is saying this below..

(Cognition is “the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses” ).

If you are looking at the process of improving one’s mind and thought process, then drinking coffee could be one way to help you along.

For one to carry out day to day and simplest of task, then improving the cognitive abilities which are brain-based skills will help. How we learn, how we remember and solve problems along with paying attention. It is linked to the mechanisms, more than with actual knowledge.

Is there any health benefits with drinking coffee everyday?

Evidence out there shows people who’s system metabolize caffeine slowly. Will also have a higher risk of heart attacks from drinking coffee. Well I am a very, very heavy coffee drinker and for me I function with it. Without it I do not, so I have to outweigh all the negatives and I do enjoy drinking coffee.

Benefits or not. I personally drink around 10 or more cups of cappuccino everyday. I also have type 2 diabetes and my blood sugar level go up and down all the time. Weather that is due to the amount of coffee I drink everyday, I don’t know. It could also be down to my diet as diet has a lot to do with diabetes.

What are the benefits of drinking coffee everyday?

A list of 12 health benefits of drinking coffee everyday.

Cuts the pain in muscles after a workout
Fiber intake is higher
Helps protect against liver cirrhosis
The risk of type 2 diabetes is lowered
Lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease
Lowered risk of depression and suicide
Give extra protection against parkinson’s disease
Heavy coffee drinking lowers the risk to heart disease.
DNA is stronger within coffee drinkers
Drinking 4 cups of coffee a day lowers the risk of Multiple Sclerosis and it’s risk of reoccurrence
Reduced risk of colorectal cancer with moderate coffee drinking consumption
Sex drive in women can also be up-ed, this has been shown in some recent studies.

Drinking coffee, is to much bad for you?

Research shows that around 400 milligrams a day of caffeine is the recommended adults intake. To keep healthy and safe. Four cups of coffee is the rough amount to 400 milligrams, well that’s me out straight away.

If you are one for the pop or fizzy drinks, this would be around 10 cans or two of them energy drinks. Drinking coffee they say has benefits, but drinking to much can have some unpleasant side effects. Things like – insomnia, restlessness and jag edged nerves.

People are addicted to drinking coffee.

There is defiantly some truth here, is for me anyhow.

Meaning of drinking coffee addiction, caffeine is one of the most addictive stimulants that connects to the central nerve system. A continued use to caffeine will give one a dependence for it. Drinking coffee and having this dependence for caffeine will not be bad for ones physical or social and economic health. As in the same way of drug addictions do.

As a fact, caffeine as a withdrawal may give you a couple bad days but nothing more. Mood swings , headaches. And it may give you a bit of anxiety, along with making your irritability rate a bit higher for a day or so. It is not classed as a serious addictions as you would get with street drugs.

What is drinking coffee doing to your body?

I should pay attention here…. Large consumptions of coffee drinking everyday can risk higher spikes with your blood pressure and raise your heart rate. Impacts with ones neurotransmitters and hormones, goes to your caffeine intake. Studies have shown that this is suggested to increase the heart rate.

With everything in life one should also keep things, like caffeine, drug, smoking, alcohol etc.. in moderations. It shouldn’t have to much of a noticeable effect on your health when kept in moderation. Like anything else over do it, and you pay the price..

Can we put it down to is drinking coffee healthy or unhealthy?

The bottom line here is, drinking coffee is healthy for you. When you keep it again, in moderation. Having around 3 to 4 cups a day is a good thing, maybe even 5 to 6 cups is OK. The benefits in my own opinion defiantly outweigh the negatives.

As it helps protect against chronic diseases, such as cancer, heart disease and the effect of ageing. Also linked to help fight off the high impact of depression, and help you when having a mood swing.

There is a lot of people who suffer from depression just in the UK alone. So I am all for it, if it helps. As having been through depression myself and connected to going through a big and long illness. All the better if simply drinking coffee can help some one to overcome their problems. Also drinking coffee has minor risks for pregnant women.

What risks are there if you drink a lot of coffee everyday?

Drinking a lot of coffee, the levels of your stomach acidity will rise. This can some times be a benefit as it will help with the digestion of your food. However if you are drinking coffee on an empty belly. The acid and gastric-juices in the stomach can irritate the lining of the stomach causing problems with heartburn.

Indigestion can also be a massive problem too. Indigestion and heartburn are indeed very painful. The burning in the upper stomach and throat, the increase of saliva in the month. Everything you do dose nothing to help get rid and the pain can be so bad.

I have and do suffer bad from both, not connected to my coffee drinking, but my illness.

Insomnia risks are another concern of drinking coffee and are defiantly connected when drinking lots of coffee. Keeps you up most nights, for me most of the time I work through the night. So it’s all good to drink my coffee. But not good if you working in the mornings and day time.

Is drinking black coffee a benefit to you?

Black coffee dose have health benefits to you. Low in calories and being low in fat too is the first benefit. Means you should be able to drink more right… Carrying a higher amount of antioxidants is always a great help to one health.

I should start drinking more black coffee, but I do love that frothy silky creamy cappuccino.

Black coffee contains 0 grams of fat content and only 2 calories in a common 8oz cup. Little amount of potassium and calcium are in black coffee too, the benefit is it keeps the heart beat regular. And another is stronger bones from the two, calcium and potassium. Once you add the cream, milk and sugar to your coffee, you increase the fat and calories right back up…

Antioxidants benefits in drinking coffee, black or white…

There are lots of antioxidants within a black coffee as to white that has your cream, milks in. Past reports have shown many protective benefits from drinking black coffee. Because of the antioxidants that it contains.

Reducing inflammation within ones body, which is also connected to reduces the risks of heart disease. All this help from just drinking a black coffee.

Also within a past report from 2004 “Journal of Nutrition”. Say the antioxidants levels found in coffee are a lot higher than in, tea, wines and vegetables.

Is drinking coffee connected to helping weight loss

A long story short, Your metabolic rate and your fat burning capabilities are higher from your caffeine intake. Ones tolerant level do become lower and the effect stop working after a while. Coffee will in the long term help you to burn calories.

There is also the point that coffee reduces your appetite so you end up eating less. Black coffee again has all the benefits of helping you to burn more calories than it has in it. Which should help one to lose weight over time, along with a good diet and exercise plan.

Coffee alone will only help you lose weight a little bit. It comes down to how bad you want to lose weight and the time you put in to do it.

Here are some coffee bean nutrition facts

The seed from a coffee plant is the source for ones coffee. Red and purple fruit, also know as the cherry is where you would find it. Some times it is also been called a stone fruit. Below in the image, you can see all the nutrition that one might get from your daily coffee.

Final word for drinking coffee

As you can see there is a lot of health benefits to drinking coffee daily. As long as you don’t over do your intake. Keeping to around 3 to 4 cups is and can be good for your health. Studies show that drinking coffee can help protect against a few diseases, and a few big ones too.. etc Cancer and heart disease.

Also adds some antioxidants which are always good for you. Antioxidant levels are found to be higher in coffee than wines, tea’s and vegetables.

Black coffee is the way to go when you are looking at dieting, as it’s low in fats and calories. Has potassium and calcium in it, for stronger bones and helps with keeping a regular heart beat.

Don’t over do it with your milk’s creams and sugar’s. You’ll be fine with drinking coffee a few times each day.

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